What is Olivia?

Olivia is a free app that helps you save and invest for your goals.

Start setting-up goals, find out how much you need to set aside per month, and see how affordable it is based on your lifestyle.

Why do I need goals?

Studies have shown that people with goals are more successful than those who don’t. Goals keep you focused on what is important and prevents you from being side-tracked.

Money goals are no different. Whether it’s saving for retirement, going on that dream vacation or getting that new accessory for your bike, Olivia will help you get there.

What goals can I save for?

Absolutely anything! A holiday, that dream car, starting a business, college education for your child or for yourself, retirement.

If it’s important to you, Olivia can help you save and invest for it.

Why do I need to invest?

Investing can be a good way to grow your money and can offer higher long term returns than just leaving your money in a savings account.

However, if you are investing the money at around 7% per year, you will only need to set aside P 4,000 per month. Having to save less for a specific goal is good because it means that you can have additional money for other goals or for the fun stuff!

*Past performance is not an indicator of future yields

How can I avail of Olivia?

Simply download the Olivia.ph android app on Google Play Store. Register and tell us a little about yourself and your goals.

Do I need to pay for Olivia?

No. Olivia does not charge users for the app. The app is free.


How do I invest via Olivia?

When you are ready to invest, Olivia will connect you to our partner financial institution. They will advise you on the best investment options for you based on your needs and risk profile. The investment advisor will also help set-up an investment account in your name.

Is my money managed by Olivia?

No. Your investments are managed by established fund managers and asset management companies. These partners and their investment products are certified by the Central Bank of the Philippines, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Insurance Commission.

Is my money safe?

The funds that you transfer is placed in an account under YOUR name. Furthermore, the investments are managed by financial institutions recognized by the SEC and the Insurance Commission.

Is P 1,000 a membership fee?

No. The P 1,000 is the minimum initial investment for a fund. The subsequent investment for the same fund can be as little as P 500.

You will also get your own User ID and password for your investment account. Only you can access this account.

Can I access Olivia via my iPhone or an iPad?

Working on it!

Olivia is currently available on Android.

Can I access Olivia via the website?

You will need to download the Android app from Google Play Store to experience the full benefits of Olivia.

Who do I contact in case I have any questions?

Please contact our Customer Support team at [email protected].

Can my data be used by credit card marketers or other direct marketing?

We do not share any of your information, including email or any other contact details, with any third-party. For more on this, check out our Privacy Policy

Can I invite friends or family to my goal?

Yes, absolutely! The "add friend" button at each goal allows you to choose which friends to invite into your goal. It will send a link to download the app to your invited friend(s). They can accept your invitation the moment they download the Olivia app.

Can I see how much my group members are saving every month and vice versa?

You will only see how much YOU are saving. To protect your and your friends’ personal information, you will not be able to see the exact amount each of you are saving and how much each of you have already saved.

Do I have to start investing immediately upon setting up my goals?

You don’t have to start investing immediately. Olivia can act as a reminder of your goals and help you prioritize based on what you can afford.

Of course, the earlier you start saving and investing, the less you have set-aside. However, it really is up to you as to when to start investing.

Can I delete my account?

Yes. Just email us at [email protected] and we will process this.

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