Finance for Her

Why for Women?


Women investors achieve
higher returns

Most likely because they are more cautious and therefore tend to buy and hold rather than trade.


Women have different
career & work cycles

Things like needing to take a break to have children affects their income and goals


Women get paid less
(even for the same job)

But investing closes this gap
... and may even exceed it.

Practical and Simple

Just tell Olivia what you are saving for

"I need P 600,000 in 5 years
for a condo downpayment"

and we'll show you how to get there

You need to set aside
P 8,700
per month with your money invested at 7% annually

Financial professionals help you get started

Olivia matches you to Certified Investment Solicitors and Financial Advisors who will help set-up an investment account for you.

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Smart Tech

AlgorithmAlgorithms that consider your career breaks, lifespan, lifestage

PrioritizeHelps prioritise your goals

InvestmentAllocates investments to goals so you can track your progress

Why Invest?

Investing can be a good way to grow your money, and can offer higher long term returns than just leaving your money in a savings account

The picture shows the 10 year average return in investing in the Philippine Stock Market compared to deposit rates and average inflation rates in the same period.

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Don’t worry,
Your money is safe

Your money will be in an account under your name in Central Bank regulated financial institutions.

We partner with established financial institutions in the Philippines.


Olivia video guides

to address those sometimes awkward money topics


    Should we have separate or joint accounts?


    Mutual Fund or VUL?


    Why start in your 20s?

Why pooled funds?

Mutual funds, UITFs and VULs (Variable Universal Life Insurance) are all 'pooled funds', where money from a lot of investors is combined to buy stocks, bonds and other investments



Professionally managed by asset management companies


Diversified so you don't need to pick the stocks yourself


Affordable, start with P 1,000

  • Testimonial1

    Abby Arteche

    "Olivia makes saving seem so easy! It may be a trip, gadget or gift you need next year. Olivia does all the math for you."

  • Testimonial3

    Kenny Alagar

    "Olivia helps me in ensuring that I have a proper monthly allocation for the things that I want, but more importantly for those that I need and would need in the future."

  • Testimonial4

    Chona Galang

    "Olivia is unique because it gives me a more realistic approach on how I will reach my financial and investment goals."

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