The Simple Way to Save and Invest
for Your Goals

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Olivia is a free app that helps you save and invest easily. Start with as little as Php 1,000 and Olivia will connect you to an investment advisor from an established financial institution

Whether it’s your next vacation or a home downpayment, Olivia helps you get there.

Tell Olivia your goal

The what, when and how much --- and find out how much you need to set aside per month

Find out how affordable it is

Based on your income, lifestyle and your other goals

Soon you will be able to open an investment account via Olivia

When you are ready, Olivia will connect you to partner financial institutions, who will then set-up an investment account in your name

Why invest?

Investing can be a good way to grow your money, and can offer higher long term returns than just leaving your money in a savings account

The picture shown the 10 year average return in investing in the Philippine Stock Market compared to deposit rates and average inflation rates in the same period.

Note that past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance

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Don’t worry,
Your money is safe

Your money will be in an account under your name in Central Bank regulated financial institutions.

We partner with established financial institutions in the Philippines.

Start Small

With Php 1,000 to start and Php 500 thereafter,
you can make progress on your goals.

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  • Testimonial1

    Abby Arteche

    "Olivia makes saving seem so easy! It may be a trip, gadget or gift you need next year. Olivia does all the math for you."

  • Testimonial2

    Paul Tongson

    "What is even more impressive is that the app considers current inflation and return rates. Olivia is an app that both the finance-savvy and the investment neophyte would find interesting and useful."

  • Testimonial3

    Kenny Alagar

    "Olivia helps me in ensuring that I have a proper monthly allocation for the things that I want, but more importantly for those that I need and would need in the future."

  • Testimonial4

    Chona Galang

    "Olivia is unique because it gives me a more realistic approach on how I will reach my financial and investment goals."

  • Testimonial5

    Carlos Bufi

    "Great for someone like me who is just starting to learn and search for solid investment opportunities."

Get Olivia todayThe Simple Way to Save and Invest for Your Goals

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